Proven Accuracy

Whether they’re looking for help with their love life and relationships, their business, or their careers, my clients have been impressed with my accuracy time after time. When I connect with and channel into the energy I am looking for, I am able to provide insightful information and accurate predictions 99.7% of the time.

of people felt enlightenment

of people felt validation

Of people felt insightful


Before I met summer/my angel I was having difficulties with my soulmate and fertility issues she’s gave me guidance, healing, and light. She truly does taps into the higher power she purified my heart and I can say with her help I’m on the right path with my soulmate and 6 months pregnant.

Lesley Frey

Summer is genuine, kind and caring. I've had several incredible sessions with her- All of which led to huge shifts and transformations in my life.

Susan Johnson

Booked a reading with Summer. As a healer myself, I find It difficult to trust people in this business. I can tell you with confidence that Summer is a beautiful healer that will guide you through the process of releasing what no longer serves you with 100% authenticity. She does so with a open, nurturing spirit. My healing course was powerfully transformative. Selecting a spiritual counselor is extremely personal, but I am very grateful I found Summer.

Jessica Xiong