Dear Seeker

My name is Summer. I want to welcome you to my site and thank you for being here. 

You may have found yourself here because you are looking for insightful, accurate information about your life. Thanks to my deep understanding of the spiritual realm and my abilities to connect with other spirit guides and to a higher power, I can provide just such information.

I like to call myself a “Spirit Messenger” – if you connect with me, you’ll have access to the knowledge of a higher power, which can in turn help you through the challenges in your life, both big and small. My quest when connecting with clients is to provide insightful messages and deliver warmth and ease to their hearts. My reading style is both direct and compassionate. 

I researched the Human Energy Field and Soulmate connections for more than 7 years. My work resulted in the development of The Beverly Psychic, a holistic healing modality and vision seeking based on the Human Energy-Consciousness System and its relationship to health, love & relationship, and career forecast, It is one of the most comprehensive approaches to energy healing and human transformation.


I traveled across Europe and honed my spiritual gifts with the most “holy shamans,” who mentored me, helped me receive answers from the spiritual realm, and taught me how to use “spiritual healing.” 

For over ten years, I’ve had a high desire to pursue my abilities. I retreated from my family and close relatives to engage in my God-given gifts. I had a strong passion for learning ancient spiritualism – I wished to more deeply understand and control my ability to see visions of peoples’ pasts, presents, and futures. As my gifted talents grew, I became more intuitive and knew I had a deep calling to help people. I headed for the United States in 2017, and since then I have used my divine gifts to help people who are battling real-life struggles, such as those having difficulties with “soulmates” or “twin flames,” those requiring “medical-spiritual healing,” and those seeking answers on which career or business path they should choose. I have taken on clients from all regions and walks of life, and 99% of my clientele have had success stories.