Being a psychic as a child?

My psychic abilities came to me at a very young age – from early on in my childhood, I had strong intuitive senses. I sometimes tell others that my being is split between my human body and the universe. The logical ,human side of me, for instance, knew that I wasn’t supposed to see colors surrounding a person’s head and body (their Aura). Yet I did anyway. The human side of me knew my dreams were very vivid – and sometimes scary - for a young child. I matured very quickly, and I came to understand that God put me on this earth to help guide and heal people. 


The picture of me on this page was taken by my mother with her Polaroid camera. It shows me with my first deck of tarot cards, a Rider Waite deck. While other kids in school used to beg their parents for the latest toys or video games, I used to beg instead for Tarot cards or crystals. I remember gazing into the cards and studying carefully. I would sleep with the first crystal I received – an amethyst - in the palm of my hand. Sometimes, I would only pretend to fall asleep so that I could be alone and look out the window and s t a r g a z e; I connected to the universe ,feeling the Earth’s atmosphere and channeling energy. I never kept my gift a secret. I was a social kid who made very  easy connections with adults and kids alike.  A side effect from all my connections, though, was a sort of sensory overload - it was hard to cope with all the sounds and vibrations of others.


what I learned from my childhood

I live each day knowing that I am the creator of my reality.

And I firmly believe that we are constantly attracting experiences, people, and circumstances into our life. From the vibrations we put out into the world, and from the choices our logic and emotions lead us to make, we become creators.


Acknowledging full responsibility for whether I succeed or fail, I maintain momentum and motivation in my day-to-day endeavors. I tirelessly remind myself to utilize intuitive messages of guidance relating to my heart’s desires. I trust my gut feelings about any circumstance or person above anything else. My intuition is never wrong.